It is easy to integrate your Local Auto Pilot CRM with Leadpages. Using our built-in form builder you can prepare the fields that you wish to accept and you can then past the code we generate into Leadpages.  Add it to a Leadpage or a Leadbox. It only takes a couple of minutes!

How to integrate:

  1. Create a form in your CRM containing the fields you want to request 
  2. Create a new Leadpage or Leadbox
  3. When you are asked to define your “Integration settings” choose “Other” in the dropdown for the “Integrate form with:” option 
  4. Paste the HTML form code that you see within your CRM on the “Integrate with your site” tab while editing your form 
  5. You may want to change the display names/display options of the fields within Leadpages.
  6. You should be all set!